Build Your Own Holiday

Create your own holiday packages in just a few steps. Follow these simple steps to build your own holiday package exactly the way you want it.

Step 1: Search and book your air tickets from leading airlines

Step 2: Search and book your preferred hotels from over 500,000 hotels worldwide

Step 3: Chose the list of activities that you would like to enjoy from our large database of tours and excursions

Step 4: Search for transfers (e.g. Airport to Hotel)

Step 5: Check out and select from our different payment options



How do I search and add items to the shopping cart?

  1. Use the booking widget to search for hotels, flights, or tours depending on your travel dates and add it to the cart
  2. To add multiple items select “Add more services” in the shopping cart or proceed back to the booking widget/search and continue to add items to the cart

How do I make a payment?

  1. You can pay using a credit card – VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX is accepted
  2. You can choose to pay by cash deposits or by visiting our office

Not Ready to Pay or Don’t have a credit card?

Simply chose to “pay later” from the payment options on check out to secure your flight tickets and hotels.
Call our team on 112318618 to discuss other payment options.

Where do these results come from?

Macktrip works with selected partners from around the world to provide the best products and services.

What support will I get?

Each booking made is validated by our dedicated team to make sure your reservation is confirmed and in the event, support is needed to make the booking for you our team can help in this as well.